Monday, April 15, 2013

Announcement: Hiatus, Future Plans and Previews for May '13!

Hello, audience, and thanks for reading more of my Cinema Freaks blog these past months after I came back from my last hiatus. Unfortunately for you all, it is time again that I take leave of doing my ‘big’ reviews (the ones with the pictures in them) for a few weeks while I cool off, so as to not get burned out again, and also graduate from college and move back to my hometown. I feel this is akin to a ‘season’ in terms of TV shows, and this one has now come to an end with I Know Who Killed Me. I really am happy with these latest few reviews, and I hope you all have enjoyed them as well.

But all is not lost, for on the hiatus I will be working on my top 20 favorite and least favorite movies of all time, just because I feel like it! Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe you won’t…maybe you won’t read them at all. I don’t know. Rest assured, there is still more to come and more for the pickier among you to bitch wildly about.

In the interest of generating what little hype I can for this following summer, allow me to give you a brief sneak peek into the films I will be looking at in May:

...and even more! Excited yet? Well, come May 2013, Cinema Freaks will return with Dracula 3000! Until then, keep watching movies and stay classy, folks.