Wednesday, April 20, 2011

REVIEW: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (2008)

Director: Robert B. Weide
Starring: Simon Pegg, Jeff Bridges

This movie is pretty much a waste of time. It has an interesting premise, as I don’t really know any other comedies offhand that revolve around being a high profile magazine writer for celebrities, but the movie does absolutely nothing with it, aside from having an extremely long, unwieldy title. Simon Pegg stars as an annoying jackass who wants to ‘shake things up’ at this high profile magazine, at which he is hired after the boss, played by Jeff Bridges, reads a bunch of the slander pieces Pegg has written about him at Pegg’s own underground magazine. Uh, wait, how does that work?

Pegg makes friends with Kirsten Dunst, who sticks around him inexplicably, although I guess it isn’t too much of a mystery when she’s the other woman in the secret affair of the biggest slimeball at the office. The first half of the movie is pretty much just Simon Pegg being a huge unlikeable douchebag and causing trouble for no reason. Apparently the filmmakers realized this halfway through and turned the film into a sympathetic romance in which Pegg is suddenly the guy who “gets it” and learns a big lesson about fame and fortune, rushing into Dunst’s arms, ready for forgiveness. And it’s all just so contrived.

PS, having Megan Fox play an actress who plays Mother Teresa is just stupid. As in, this is so stupid that it made me want to beat my own head with a crowbar every time you show it. I mean it’s MEGAN FOX playing MOTHER TERESA. What more can I say, movie? What more can I say?!