Friday, May 16, 2014

Cinema Freaks is Taking Requests

Do you want to see a certain movie reviewed here? Do you think you know something I could make funnier than it already is? Is there a horrible movie you want to see ripped to shreds, or perhaps a good movie you think I could milk for jokes more than a really bloated cow?

Well, if the answer to any of those questions is yes, feel free to tell me what movie I should review, and if it's within my parameters, I'll do it!

What's that? I've never clearly outlined what it is that makes a good review for me to do? I guess I might as well go over a few brief parameters as to what I'll review and what I won't review.

1. I have no real guidelines.

Upon thinking about it ... I don't really have too many parameters after all! I mostly stick to horror, but if you can come up with something out of left field that I can make jokes about, I'll do it. Of course, I have to be able to find it somewhere online or in physical form easily. But most movies have comedy material buried somewhere in them, whether it's intentional or not. It's usually funnier when the director and writer were totally stone-faced when doing the film and it turns out hilarious anyway. But if it comes to reviewing something intentionally bad, I can just do a rant about how annoying that can be.

So, got any ideas? Let 'er rip!