Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movie Trailers: "The Other Guys" edition

As most of you may know, we here at Cinema Freaks have established a new segment where we show you trailers that we see in theaters, and then give you our take on them based on what we see. In this post, I will review the trailers I saw when I went to see 'The Other Guys". You can follow the link onto YouTube; sorry, I am just too lazy to post every single video onto here.

Yeah, this movie looks like it sucks. People being trapped on an elevator, end up trying to kill one another, and the Devil is involved somehow? Not exactly a plot that sends shivers down my spine. M. Night Shyamalan produced it? When is the last time he made a good movie again? If he was going to a project with a tile as generic as "Devil" he should have done everything in his power to make an unbelievably epic film, not...this. I am not an expert on these types of films, but this looks like a clunker to me. I will pass on this one.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I really do not know how this is going to go. I liked the first "Wall Street" film, but something about this sequel rubs me the wrong way. It might be because of Shia LaBeouf? Probably. He just does not seem fit into this picture. It might be because the publicity for it has be relatively light, though that will likely change in the coming weeks. It might just be because I am afraid that Oliver Stone is going to use the movie simply to get vent about his political beliefs as opposed to telling a really good story, though I admit that one of the criticisms of the original "Wall Street" was lacking in that department. Oh, and since when does Gordon Gecko have a daughter? I only remember him having a son in the first movie. Is this going to be one of those times where the producers try to invent a character and say they actually existed all along and that they just were not mentioned in the original film? God, I hope my memory is wrong or something. Still, I like the character of Gordon Gecko, I like Josh Brolin (even though his last collaboration with Stone was "W", which I hated), and I like the subject matter (which is obviously mirroring real-life events), so I am going to have to wait to hear more about it before I make a final decision to see it or not.

The American

The plot of this movie looks pretty cool and I have yet to see a George Clooney movie I disliked ("Batman and Robin" does not count; it never counts). In fact, I just finished watching "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". I will be looking forward to this one.


This movie looks awesome! I mean, the cast alone is very impressive, but I mean...Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle?! John Freakin' Malkovich blowing up a live missile with a gun?! Is that Ernest Borgnine?! How I really hope this movie is good. I predict that it is going to be absolutely ridiculous, but it will be amazing. It...will be.

Jackass 3D

Ha ha, wow. If anyone predicted a decade ago that there would be a...well, let me just move on. To be honest, I have never watched "Jackass", either the TV show or the previous two films, and I do not think I am going to watch this one. But, if you are a fan, you are probably going to enjoy it. How old are most of these guys now, anyway? I looked up Johnny Knoxville; he is closing in on 40. Eh, whatever suits them best...

Due Date

I like Robert Downey Jr., I like Zach Galifianakis, and I like liked the previous works of director Todd Phillips. That being said, I am skeptical about this film. The trailer just does not seem as funny as it should be. I am still probably going to see it, but I am keeping my expectations in check.

The Social Network

I hate this movie! I have never seen it, I am never going to see it (hopefully), and yet I hate it! Why? First of all, look at what you see in the trailer: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, the somber, emotional overtones. It has "white-adolescent melodrama" written all over it. Wait, I just found out that the screenplay is adapted by Aaron Sorkin and it is being directed by David Fincher! What the f***?! What made these guys sink to this level?! Do they have no shame.?!
But that is not my biggest problem with this project. No, it actually has to do with the timing: it is just too soon. It is not so much because it is about events that took place only seven years ago, though I have always had an issue with films that do that, even good ones. I just think that if you are going to do that, it should be about a story that has already unfolded for the most part, not about something that has barely begun. In the year 2010, do we really need a fictionalized film to tell us about how Facebook came about and what founder Mark Zuckerberg had to do in order to get his way? No. If this story is to be told, they should do what was done for "Pirates of the Silicon Valley": wait until more time has passed until you have enough material to make something worthwhile. Until then, this movie can go to hell!